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Posted by: Chelle

09/21/2022, 12:54:45

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Hi all,

After a LOT of phone calls, one of Barry's OLDEST friends was able to contact Joe. I'm afraid the news is indeed true that Barry is no longer part of this Earth. He had CHF and COPD but apparently he also had a large hernia that had strangled and taken over the lower part of his abdomen and his genitalia and he was drinking codeine to ease the pain.

From what Joe told Suzanne, he took Barry to get more codeine on Monday. On Wednesday, he had not seen Barry or heard him. He went back to the bedroom and opened the door and apparently, Barry was "out of it" from the codeine and lying on his bed naked however, his testicles were extremely large.

Joe became concerned and called hospice and he was admitted to the hospital had surgery on Thursday March 10, 2022 and passed away March 11, 2022. Afterwards, they learned that he was in stage 4 kidney failure as well, so from the sounds of things, the causes were multiple.

It also explains his attitude towards me, because the only way I can describe it was that he was acting like a wounded bear.

Thank you all SO very much for being a part of Barry's life through the years. I know how VERY much he loved all of you!


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