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A tribute to Teebone
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/20/2022, 12:46:20

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Everyone grieves in their own way. I write. My wife and I wrote a poem about Barry. I refer to him as Teebone in the subject line because that was his "stage name" here. He was known as the light-hearted German Shepard of a poster who only seemed to want to have fun and be left alone. Teebone was not just a personality, but a man. To me he was...a heroic figure.

There are many types of heroes. Some are exceptional people in exceptional circumstances (like Medal-of-Honor winners), others are "ordinary" people in exceptional circumstances. I personally don't believe that God makes "ordinary" people. We all have within us a miraculous vitality a potential for wonders.

We develop as we can to express that vital spirit within in our own ways. I am proud to have known Barry and (I hope) called him a friend. But that is only if you can hold a friend in complete awe. Barry was larger than life to me and probably always will be. Being cheerful is a magnificent achievement so my hat's off to Barry, to Teebone. Whose posts, no matter how badly I might have felt, always uplifted me somehow.

That was just him. An amazing human being in so many ways. Not just missed terribly but tragically. Ladies and gentlemen, there will never be another such as this man - at least not in our lifetimes.

For me he was a guru of the most authentic sort.

My wife helped me write a tribute to him which is on PM only. I do not want to publish it on the open forum to avoid anyone appropriating my wife's hard work. We hope to make a proper country song out of it (I play guitar and she sings).

PM if you want to read it.

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