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Xiden just gave them another $1 billion.
Re: Yesterday, it was revealed that Zelensky has already planned for China to rebuild the country when the dust is settled. Russia/China playing the US and emptying our coffers. FRAUD ONE BIG FRAUD. -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

08/23/2022, 21:19:55

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The outcome will be some sort of negotiated settlement similar to the Crimea arrangement. It is not necessary for Ukrainians or Russians to continue to die for corrupt leaders. Enabling the prolonging of the conflict is morally questionable for that reason alone.

Nobody will benefit from this continued horror but a narrow, corrupt group of criminal billionaires and terrorist-enablers.

It's time to stop pouring U.S. money into the pockets of despots and focus on the needs of the USA for a change.

Someone needs to tell Z that the ride is over, negotiate and end it. Give an end date for the aid to stop and pull the plug.

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