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Pat Buchanan speaks for me on Ukraine war. Our goals are not their goals for end of war.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

08/19/2022, 10:54:44

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The take-away for me from Buchanan's article is that Ukraine is firmly, resolutely fixed on furthering its OWN agenda for the "acceptable conditions" to end the conflict. 

Ukraine's government has steadfastly resisted outside efforts to bring substantial reform to its own government and frankly to that nation's people as a whole (deep corruption is a daily reality at every level of their society). Most recently Zelensky fired a whole bunch of people in government. His official explanation was that they were "pro-Russia", but observers believe that Zelensky is using supposed "pro-Russia" sentiments as a blanket excuse to remove anyone who disagrees with him strongly for any reason.

The Ukrainians underwent a sort of small "revolution" in 2014 which resulted in the removal from office of their president and "reforms" to be implemented. Clearly there is a lot of evidence that the "reform" movement stalled and the widely dominant corruption in which the nation is immersed (just like Russia) reasserted itself with Zelensky. 

Zelensky is great at using colorful, emotion-laden verbiage to shame, goad or weasel "help" from other nations in achieving his own personal/political goals. Those goals are not and really never have been in line with the goals of civilized nations.

 Zelensky's vision is through lenses which give he and his political allies everything they need/want while giving the world (including Russia) nothing in return. 

That is not leadership, it is self-indulgent, opportunist immaturity. 

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