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WFT happened to Anne Heche!?!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/07/2022, 11:59:29

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I became a fan of Ms. Heche after she left her "relationship" with Ellen Degenerate. Heche apparently resolved whatever confusion of mind led her into a brief "marriage" with Ellen Degenerate.

Not long after, Heche married a man and also did some fairly great work in the series "Chicago PD" portraying a serious-minded but deeply-flawed police commissioner. She did some tremendous work along side the show's principle character Det. Sgt. Hank Voight (actor Jason Beghe).

Years ago, Heche had an emotional breakdown when she ended her relationship with Degenerate - Heche was 'wandering around in public disoriented (high/drunk), got picked up by LEOs, taken into protective custody. After she recovered, I'd thought (hoped) she had pulled out of whatever emotional tailspin she entered in the gay marriage attempt.

Apparently Heche divorced with her husband recently and this may have been a "trigger event" which ended up with her crashing her car twice, the second time directly into a residential structure in which her vehicle became imbedded with her in it, resulting in the total destruction of the home (burned down) and her being severely burned.

She survived but likely ended her career as an actor because she will almost certainly have severe burn-scars on her face. Hollywood casting directors will forgive much, but horrible facial scars are a tough sell for an agent.

I wish that poor woman a full, speedy recovery. Clearly she has some untreated emotional illness issues going on which need attention. One would expect that a competent, well-known actor who has worked as much as she, would be able to afford effective psychotherapy.

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