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Another classic case where if you have to explain why it's wrong, there's no point.
Re: It is hard to even think about that rationally. -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/13/2022, 21:16:32

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If someone is so lost in their own universe that they use over-the-top superlatives like, "it makes no sense at all," in regard to being reluctant (yea, strenuously, resolutely opposed) to using GOF research AGAIN to try to "fix" something, no amount of reason will get through.

There are people with high intellect (some with VERY high intellect) who are almost totally useless as critical thinkers.

This Redwood person is one of them. Dangerous. EXACTLY the sort of arrogant, godless, reckless lunatic that Dr. Michael Crichton often wrote into his stories (Jurassic Park, etc).

The complexity of natural systems and living things are unmanageable. The notion that human beings are capable of "controlling living things" as if they were machines, is the most outlandish stupidity imaginable.

That is the sort of horrible foolishness that would make Satan stand up and cheer - because it holds to much promise for the destruction of Humanity (which Satan hates because God loves us).

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