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More evidence that high intellect can sometime impair a person's ability to think, reason clearly.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/11/2022, 22:08:57

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Report: Scientists Seek to Make a 'Self-Spreading' Vaccine |

I mean, seriously!?! Using GAIN OF FUNCTION research to create a virus that INFECTS people with a vaccine.

Note the last paragraph from this psychopath Dr. Redwood, who says, "The way that I like to think about it is that it may never be used, but it's better to have something in the cupboard that can be used and is mature if we need it. And to say, 'Let's just not do this research because it's too dangerous,' to me, that makes no sense at all," he added.

It "makes no sense at all". Do tell, Dr. Mengele.

Anxiety about doing research which likely CREATED the Covid-19 pandemic (PRC lab Gain-of-Function tampering with a previously harmless bat virus) because it either got out of control or was released into the world deliberately (or both), does not qualify in this lunatic's view, as "making sense".

Clearly some people's ability to reason is impaired by their higher intellect, not improved. My God, what an absolute, 160 point I.Q. moron Redwood be...he needs to be locked away where he won't hurt anyone.

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