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Good, but not damn-near good enough... Stalin: It doesn't matter who votes, all that matters is who COUNTS the votes.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/06/2022, 15:12:27

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Federal Appellate Court Allows Florida Voting Rules to Take Effect |

I do not doubt that more than half of registered democrat party members secretly approve of their own operatives (anti-conservative fanatics/radical revolutionary socialists) gaining/keeping power over the U.S. government by any and all means, including election fraud if they can get away with it (again).

That courts have to get involved in such things (which used to be stipulated without controversy) is appalling. Regressing back to a state of absurdity. The U.S. is among the only civilized nations which does not require showing positive I.D. when voting.
When one describes the mind set of most 'Crats, the term "sense of infinite entitlement" must be applied. Rules and laws are to force OTHER people to do things they don't want to do.
Most militant 'Crats seem to believe they deserve to be immune to not only election laws, but Natural Law.

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