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Today we heard the sound of nails being pounded into L.A. / D.A. Gascon's political coffin.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/06/2022, 02:40:51

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Dave Chappelle attacker’s misdemeanor charge ripped by comedy club owners: ‘Shocking to hear’ | Fox News

Just this week, the recall effort against L.A. County D.A. George (Jorge) Gascon announced reaching an historic milestone of over 400 K signatures. There are still almost two months left to gather signatures before deadline. 

So just in case there was any ghost of a chance the recall had any problem getting the balance of what they need, Gascon made damn sure EVERYONE who had even thought about signing will now make a point of it. See, Gascon charged Dave Chappelle's attacker with only (4) misdemeanors. 

Where I come from (Realville), we call that doing a graceful swan dive onto the rocks. Never let it be said that Gascon, like a horde of lemmings leaping off a cliff, was not consistent. Gascon just did the P.R. equivalent of burying a land mine, then stepping on it deliberately. It boggles the mind...

It's nice that we can find things for severely impaired people to do in society, but being L.A. County D.A. should probably not be one of them. 

Note that the comedy venue owner whined that his, "little club," could not "afford" the sort of upgraded security required for policing the stage properly when high-profile/controversial performers are involved. Do tell. 

So of two good things to come out of this, one is giving a major boost to the Gascon recall movement and another is a valuable object lesson in how bad comedy venue security can be.  

In one sense, it's smart for government not to want to offer to be the primary party to resolve these concerns - private management should rightly be the go-to for securing venues for public appearances (hire more professional boots on the ground or build hardscape to deal with threats). 

Reliance on the fear of arrest/prosecution is not going to work. IOW, if Chappelle's management expects to have adequate security, they and the venue managers will have to provide it - not rely on public law enforcement to protect him.  

All other issues aside, Gascon's error is optics. Even if he had good reasons ideologically or otherwise for charging light, the PR impact is so bad as to require new words to fully describe the magnitude of the error. 

Sometimes it's not what is done so much as when and how it is done. There is form and there is content (our own Teebone has been known to mock that phrase by changing it to, "There is stink and there is stink. And there is stink, stink, STINK!" heh 

If that fool attacker had been clear-headed and serious-minded instead of a bumbling, mumbling, poorly-dressed, poorly-armed lunatic, Chappelle would likely be wounded or dead (stabbed or shot). 

It's better to know that now (while Chappelle is still intact) instead of later after he is dead. So they sort of owe the attacker some gratitude for demonstrating their own lack of preparedness. 

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