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Thanks, Primo! I'm biting off chunks and savoring them slowly.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/03/2022, 23:35:13

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Mr. Sowell is expressing the rational view. He is a master of the rational dialectic. it is no wonder nobody who disagrees with him will debate him publicly.

We are living in what Hunter Thompson might call a "newer, cheaper age" - a post-rationalist political environment. Politicians/intellectuals are no longer required to make rational sense by defending their opinions with sound logic, facts, numbers.

People are now encouraged to hold strong opinions and maintain strident attitudes based on strong feelings/intuitions alone - without supporting rational substance. I think Denali calls this "agrarian politics" (appealing to simplistic, feeling-focused concepts/viewpoints).

As Sowell articulates the cogent points incisively, the left responds with, " hey, FUCK your rational view, we have ANTIFA!!"

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