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I referred to Mr. Sowell today re a commenter asking why blacks are so much more violent than whites demographically.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/04/2022, 22:36:29

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I quoted from some of what I have read of his writing (some of it rescripted by Larry Elder on his shows). I pointed out that the key factors contributing to high violent-crime rates with black males are: lack of an adult working male in the home with black male children growing up, intolerance for personal humiliation, outdated mistrust of law enforcement, the regressive self-disenfranchisement related to post-Civil War black migration from the South to overcrowded northern black enclaves (insular black-supremacist bigotry*).

All of those things are direct causes of higher violent crime rates with black males. Mr. Sowell elucidates clearly how the so-called "legacy of slavery" is a convenient, contrived fiction which serves race-baiters and those who would spread Marxism in the name of "justice" in order to avoid substantive discussions (rational dialectic) on the genuine causes.

Modern anti-conservative fanatic rhetoric has no concern with finding cause, only blame which may be used to foment chaos/hatred. This hatred furthers Marxist political ideology disguised as "reform".

* Black supremacist bigotry - This is contained in the cultural myth of Johnny Kongeroo a black "Paul Bunyan" type character which has been passed down from black urban legend. This grandiose sense that to fit in or succeed in life, a black person must be some sort of infallible, undefeatable super-human.

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