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Re: " Mexifornia has ballooning, unfunded state pension fund liabilities" -- Hoping for a federal bailout -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/03/2022, 22:27:03

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Mexifornia has sent less and less tax revenue (due to out-migration of businesses/retirees) each year to DC, relative to the amount of money received back as funding for goods/services.

'Crats are committed to establishing back-door radical revolutionary socialism by having the federal government rescue U.S. state governments which have established their own radical socialist programs and bankrupted their states in the process.

Similar to what the EU has done for socialist member-nations like Italy (et al) in southern Europe who went full-on socialist in their grotesque, overspending on give-aways, bankrupting their nations - and dragging the more-responsible member's economic strength down with them.

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