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That's our boy!! Garcia lives in Sec.Garland's *ss for an hour.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/29/2022, 00:04:45

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The U.S. Rep from my district went after Garland for saying that he was "pleased" with Justice department's progress in recent months. Pleased. Right. Garland, looking flustered and angry, got an earful.

If Mike can get reelected he might have a bright future. Our voting district used to be a lock for more-conservative candidates until massive numbers of wealthier 'Crats started relocating to the area (escaping the inner city areas they are systematically ruining).

Garcia eked out a win against the local 'Crat (a garden-variety Marxist hoe named Smith) in the last election. If this area follows national trends, Garcia's margin of victory should be larger this time.

If it is a smooth reelection, and he is able to have a good run in his current office, Garcia might be a good option to run in the next Mexifornia Governor's race.

Slimy, creepy, pencil-neck Gavin "Hair-Boy" Newsom is not well-liked by Latinos of either party. If a strong candidate can be found to oppose him, the Republicans (or a non-aligned candidate) might just pull it out. Will it change much in Mexifornia - probably not (the legislature is still a "permanent" super-majority of 'Crats). The value is in the political climate and how it could start a really strong trend in the state away from the looming cliff.

Mexifornia has ballooning, unfunded state pension fund liabilities as far as the eye can see - eventually someone's state-issued checks will stop clearing. Mexifornia also has a pandemic of violent crime raging across the state which is taking the heaviest toll among black and Latino residents. That is a mobilizing force in the Latino enclaves.

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