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Anybody else remember when DJT banned TikTok (death toll rising from stunts)
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/01/2022, 18:01:00

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Wisconsin pair electrocuted to death after attempting TikTok trend | Fox News

So add another 33 (and counting) deaths to this latest TikTok "challenge/trend". There are more that have caused severe injury and death. Tik-Tok has not been held liable legally for this. 
Among the other blessings of TikTok is the "trend" of people removing lug nuts from wheels to cause them to fall off when driven. Yes, that is a crime if you get caught (tampering with a motor vehicle) and a felony if anyone gets hurt/killed or it causes significant damage. 

For an example of what TikTok does, see a current commercial for an insurance product - where a character named "Mayhem" causes destruction by doing a dance routine on the side of the road, causing traffic collisions. That is 100% about TikTok. 

Once again, Trump was right to want to ban the service in the first place ('Crat defenders called people who wanted to ban it racist because it is Chinese-owned). 

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