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Why we don't have time to screw around with woke BS and other nonsense...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/30/2022, 17:20:43

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...a brief video with some explanations in lay terms of solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) from a physicist. Bottom line is that neither Humanity nor the USA have the luxury of noodling around with radical revolutionary socialist theories to "transform" the planet into some sort of Utopian "worker's paradise".

Any clear-headed person would realize that the existential threats to humanity are too severe to consider ideological experiments in social engineering to be more important than focusing on tangible, material challenges.

One of those existential threats is a possible ELE (Extinction Level Event) caused by an asteroid/comet impact (see Tertiary Triassic impact of 33 million years ago) and now a Category 5 (or even smaller) CME/Solar Flare.

The reason we as a culture are at risk from a CME is because we have become largely a civilization heavily dependent on technology driven by electronic devices. Without our technology human beings are soft, vulnerable, weak creatures (relative to other animals).

Note of caution, some of the alarming aspects of the issue are highlighted (repeated) in the video, because it's an effort to hype the video (generate more interest) for both monetary and other reasons.

It's safe to say that I believe God has already protected Humanity from total destruction in the span of time (likely more than once). So I personally am not overly concerned about CMEs per se.

There is however an aspect of the idea that God rewards Humility - if we fail to take the threats to our own existence seriously, maybe God won't either.

For that reason, I believe we need to stop f-ing around in general with non-essentials or kooky, radical, experimental BS of any kind, and concentrate on what is most important in life. Allowing ourselves to be distracted for ANY reason from addressing the most-formidable threats is foolishness.

One aspect of the danger of a global failure of infrastructure of any kind, is that there would likely be nations/forces who would look upon such a catastrophe as an opportunity. The idea of not letting a crisis go to waste was not invented by Rahm Emanuel though he was the most prominent political person to publicly say something like that.

Russia is among the nations who are best - positioned to exploit a global grid-failure because for decades they have specialized in equipping much of their military with EMP-resistance. Imagine what a nation might do if theirs was the only (or one of the only) nations with a functional global military force.

Russia, already desperate due to a foundering economy, might decide that nuking a few cities, then invading others might be the best way to exploit a global catastrophe (ELE asteroid or EMP/CME-caused global grid failure).

Cynical? Maybe. Or maybe it's just realism.

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