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Ongoing desperate ACF* attempt to coopt the term "oligarch".
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

04/01/2022, 13:39:33

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Every day now one may find some article or hear some spokes hole blathering about "oligarchs", usually in reference to Russians. To be fair, according to the loose definition of oligarch, there are many in Russia and elsewhere. 

There are more than one definition of oligarch. In the most commonly understood meaning, the most appropriate examples of oligarchs would be members of tyrannical regimes like the USSR, the PRC (China), Cuba, North Korea, Islamist theocracies like Iran, Southern Somalia, Afghanistan. 

A large and growing number of people consider the US government to be an oligarchy because they see how it largely and increasingly enforces the will/preferences of a very small minority of the People. 

If only one-in-three people define themselves as "liberal or very liberal" (anti-conservative) how can a government which sets policy and laws according to the wishes of only roughly 20-30% of the population be considered a democracy (since the term "democracy" means "rule by the People")? 

See, if a government system becomes dominated by a small group who alter the laws to permit that small group to remain in power because competing ideologies are excluded from fair participation in elections, the government becomes an oligarchy (it ceases to be a democracy, because most power is no longer held by the People but by the GOVERNMENT).

When a government becomes controlled by a small group which uses the POWER of government itself to persecute, punish, disqualify, stultify, attack, destroy, encumber, murder those who oppose/disagree with them strongly that government becomes tyrannical. 

If a government causes damage to the nation, KNOWING that it is causing damage, as a means to sew chaos, destruction, loss and disorder as punishment (as Stalin did in the Purges) against those who oppose their ideology, that government is no longer a democracy. 

When our own so-called "leaders" seek to use government to destroy/inhibit an industry (domestic oil/fuel production) or chooses to inflict damage on a nation by refusing to enforce laws (against illegal immigration or rioting, for instance), it is arguably a hostile power (albeit domestic). 

If a government enables, finances or assists in mounting an attack against the nation it ostensibly governs, as the U.S. government likely did in regard to the PRC's Wuhan biolab, it is functioning as a hostile power (causing death, injury, loss to the People, not preventing it). 

Such a government is a travesty of the concept of a democratic republic and more akin to the old cynical truism, "those who rule deserve to rule". 

A large and growing number of voters are awakening to the reality that one of the most destructive forces in the USA is its own government when it is run by cacogenic 'Crats who have the morals of wild pigs. 

* ACF - Anti-Conservative Fanatic 

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