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Teachers union leaders' Ukraine virtue signaling goes terribly wrong (words matter)...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

03/17/2022, 11:55:15

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...when they first misspell "Ukraine" (reversing the "i" and the "a"), then posed in a photo holding that nation's flag UPSIDE DOWN. The latter is not a small gaff - traditionally displaying a nation's flag upside down is a sigil in wartime of surrender.

So now, as a symbol of both gross stupidity (yea, idiocy) of those who oppose them and of meek submission, the Russians can post all of that claiming even the Ukraine's allies want them to surrender. Such a thing could only encourage the dispirited Russian troops. 

Words DO matter. Likely these same Teachers Union officials are from the block of wonderful Americans who stated "no" in response to a question of whether they would defend the United States personally by taking up arms were it to be invaded by hostile foreign soldiers (roughly 35% of those asked). 

"We would rather die on our knees blubbering for mercy and watch our dearest loved ones tortured to death horribly in front of us than to ever use a firearm in self-defense." - The Hoplophobe Manifesto 

The democrat party has a fundamental Alinskyite dilemma - see, vicious cowardice is out-of-line with Natural Law - by far and away, the overwhelming majority of people in the United States would enthusiastically defend themselves and their loved ones with firearms in an invasion (such as is occurring now in Europe).

Alinsky pounded home repeatedly in Rules for Radicals (which is really Trotskyite doctrine/theory+Bolivarian Communism rescripted) that the Party (radical revolutionary socialist) must convince the voting population that Marxism embraces their own beliefs, customs, common sense and values. Alinsky encourages Marxist revolutionaries to lie in order to accomplish this, but to lie convincingly. Today's 'Crats have forgotten that last part. 

These days the 'Crats dogma is consistently being run over by their karma. The wise-assed democrats can't shake the cognitive dissonance - the largely and increasingly hideous reality is soundly contradicting the Alternate Reality the 'Crats purvey as their Big Excuse in one out-of-control, escalating crisis after another.

They have gone from campaigning on the motto, "Together, there's nothing we can't do!!" to, "We're sorry but there's nothing we can do." Vomiting out and assembly-line of lame excuses the way Ford Motors produced lines of cars, tanks, trucks in WWII is not exactly a winning message for a national election! 

The 'Crats' Big Excuse campaign of 2022 is under way. It's the feckless 'Crats/Swap Creatures/RINOs vs the People rematch.

The 'Crats plan to blast from every tower the inspiring message, "Hey PEONS!! NOTHING is OUR fault!!" 

Good luck with that, 'Crats. And please convince Hill-O-Lies to run for president again*. PLEASE.

* No greater sign needed to demonstrate the panicked desperation of the 'Crats going into the mid-term campaign, than that the candidacy of Hill-O-Lies Clinton is being seriously discussed by 'Crat analysts. heh That's the best they can put forward as a presidential candidate to replace Xiden. Cankles. 

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