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Black supremacy and anti-white racism in advertising/T.V. programming.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/16/2022, 12:31:00

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It's impossible to ignore the blatant increase in black supremacism/anti-white racism in both advertising and T.V. programming and film.

One need only watch any channel of broadcast or cable T.V. for a few minutes to see examples. More often than not, if there are characters informing, correcting, mocking, insulting, abusing whites or other non-blacks, it's a black one.

Apparently, others have noticed this, and someone may have objected. In one especially blatant example a commercial for some product (I can't remember what) showed a Caucasian female having great difficulty boosting herself into a saddle of a horse. Two other females already in the saddle are watching the girl struggle. Instead of trying to help, the camera goes to the black doing a subtle "mean girls" eye roll, subtly insulting the white girl.

First of all, it is going to be almost impossible to find any black female doing dressage or English-style horse competitions (wearing the knee-high riding boots, jodhpurs, helmet) since blacks are generally terrified of horses (as the stereotype goes). Second, competitive horse-riders are generally helpful to each other, so it is odd that any rider would not assist another having trouble getting into a saddle. The black rider's eye-roll implies that the Caucasian female is somehow dumb or stupid.

I noticed this commercial running for a couple of weeks, then a change...the sponsors edited it to remove the eye-rolling black rider - apparently someone noticed the incipient anti-white racism in the commercial and the company removed it.

There are so many examples of this every minute of every day that it reinforces the idea that Madison Avenue /advertising and many companies are in cahoots to continue to display anti-white racism in many aspects. Same goes for T.V. programming and feature film production.

In all of the above, anti-white racism is becoming the norm. Making non-whites (especially blacks) appear to be smarter, more-moral, more-prosperous, more-capable, more law-abiding than whites, is widely pervasive.

Nice to see that at least one advertiser chose (either from pressure or voluntarily) to remove their own black supremacist content from an advertisement.

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