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Peloton shows people using its products pumping fist in air (the way the Sixties Radicals did), also chanting "they can't stop you they can't beat you"...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/17/2022, 03:34:09

Author Profile Mail author Edit if anyone is actively trying to stop any ACF from doing anything but ruining government. Peloton plays on the stereotypical Marxist Bravo Sierra that for anyone to succeed in our system (capitalism), someone must be exploited brutally (denied something to which they are rightfully entitled).

The people in the commercial are all either black, Latino or otherwise non-white.

In another Peloton ad, some unkempt dude who looks like an ANTIFA member, is listening to rock music (flashed as "David Bowie") as he runs on a treadmill. As the ANTIFA member runs he makes violent, angry, slashing, smashing gestures with his arms ("air-drums", which ALWAYS looks stupid), then raises his right (radical revolutionary) fist, shouting in rage as he runs!!

Lately the ads have removed the part with the raised-revolutionary-fist gesture. Hmmm. Someone else noticed this?

Peloton also aired a bizarre alteration of the Christmas Carol (Dickens) cliche', barking out the window at a passing boy, "what day is it?" . In the Peloton version a bearded, overweight male who looks a lot like some sort of terrorist, ask the boy then contemptuously dismisses the fact that it's Christmas and goes back to using Peloton equipment. Satanic? You be the judge.

The free market has been the judge of Peloton's company financial fitness. Its value used to be roughly $50 billion. It has lost 80% of its value (and still dropping) over the last twenty-four months. It is now valued at around $4.5 billion.

Maybe the radical revolutionary Marxist, anti-white racist market for their pricey equipment/services, is not as fertile as the people who did their surveys convinced them it was. The prices have been jacked up to the stratosphere, and their goods/services are being curtailed. Their stock price has tanked, and they have a massive unsold inventory of equipment gathering dust in warehouses.

Sometimes bad things happen to bad people.

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