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Perfect. Thanks, Primo.
Re: Eminem Takes A Knee In Heartfelt Tribute To Tim Tebow -- Babylon Bee -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/15/2022, 21:57:20

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I'll have to reappraise my opinion of Slim Shady - I thought he was a Satanist. heh 

The best way to get back at ACFs is to refuse to be baited/provoked. That upsets THEM!! heh Sick, vicious, cowardly people relish the idea that they will upset the targets of their sadistic, obnoxious, manipulative actions. 

When they fail to do it, you can see the disappointment in their faces and in their actions. Gnashing of teeth. 

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