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Eminem Takes A Knee In Heartfelt Tribute To Tim Tebow -- Babylon Bee
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Posted by: Russ Walden ®

02/15/2022, 15:48:15

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Eminem Takes A Knee In Heartfelt Tribute To Tim Tebow

LOS ANGELES, CA—The Super Bowl halftime show took a
surprising turn last night when rapper Eminem ended his performance by
taking a knee in tribute to the most talented Christian football player
of all time, Tim Tebow.

The multiple award-winning,
best-selling rapper shocked viewers everywhere as he dramatically
dropped down into the famous “Tebowing” pose. Right in the middle of the
field, Eminem took a knee and bowed his head in prayer, giving thanks
to God Almighty for everything in his life—just like how Tim Tebow did
it. Wow! 

According to sources, Eminem knew that the
eyes of the world would be watching him and he could think of no greater
message to send other than to bow down and kneel in reverence to honor
the Lord our God. The rapper has expressed his hopes that his actions
will inspire and unite others as they lower themselves before our
Heavenly Father, exalting His great name while asking Him to heal our

It remains a mystery how the rapper became so
inspired by the actions of a football player from 7 years ago. But let’s
just chalk this one up to the Lord working in mysterious ways through
His amazing and handsome servant Tim Tebow. Thanks for faithfully
spreading that witness, Tim!

What an incredible
testimony on the most televised event of the year! Tim Tebow left behind
a powerful legacy that is clearly still inspiring celebrities to this


Eminem will probably sue.


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