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Mighty Joe Rogan has a contract with Spotify for $100 million so it's no wonder the swarm of little fishies are being ignored by the company.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/08/2022, 12:45:41

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Rogan was just offered a reputedly LARGER sum to LEAVE Spotify and go to another platform. Blame it all on algore, who invented the Internet so long ago.

The whole technology thing has spiraled out of control for the anti-conservative fanatic movement. They hoped to dominate so-called "social media" (which I prefer to call "Net media") the same way they dominated T.V./film media for so long, but that is not going well.

The way Donald Trump used his national recognition as a hit T.V. show personality (remember The Apprentice series?) as a launching-pad to the presidency, and the creation of Rush Limbaugh's broadcast radio dynasty were two sigil events in media business going sideways for the Marxists' long-term domination plans.

In El Rushbo's case no ACF was ever able to garner even a fraction of the same popularity (commercial success) that Mr. Limbaugh achieved over his career in public broadcasting, despite decades of costly failures trying over and over and over again. Every effort to create their own Marxist version of an "Excellence In Broadcasting" syndication giant ended in losses of hundreds of millions (billions?) of dollars for investors.

As DJT conquered the H-Wood broadcast T.V. market and Rush Limbaugh conquered broadcast radio - so Rogan is running roughshod over the ACF's latest ongoing ill-begotten attempt to dominate Net Media (podcasting market) and getting rich in the process.

That Rogan has acquired unlikely friends like the previously-hard-left ACF Robert Kennedy Jr., and the obnoxious-but-popular ACF Russell Brand, must rankle the ACFs as much as Trump's turning H-Wood popularity against them to become president (much as the legendary Ronald Reagan did as a movie star).

Rogan having unlikely enemies like previously shock-jock- iconoclast, turned-Statist/toady Howard Stern of all people, and a growing, deeply rebellious audience on Net Media, is also sending chills of, "My God! What-have-we-DONE-to-ourselves!?!" panic through the ranks of ACF media moguls.

Years ago, I admired the way pop-star David Bowie* responded to the emerging Net piracy phenomenon, by essentially telling anyone who would listen that rather than using legalism/force to fight against free downloading of music and similar (P2P) illegal things, the Industry should embrace them and adapt.

The Big Shots (major music/film-production companies) largely ignored Bowie's advice and didn't stop trying to intimidate the public with impossible-to-enforce bans on piracy of music/films, until the companies either went out of business (like Fox Entertainment) or were otherwise defeated by changing marketing strategeries (sic) - awakening to Mr. Bowie's zeitgeist far too late to help themselves or their own companies/careers much.

The more things change the more they stay the same, eh?
It all recalls the closing lines from an episode of the Simpsons animated T.V. show - Lisa Simpson having helped her father Homer escape from still another self-created disaster caused by his own stupidity, gently chastises him:

Lisa: Well, Dad! I hope you've LEARNED something from all of this!!

Homer: Oh, Lisa!! (smiling wryly, patting her on head condescendingly) I haven't learned a THING!!

NOTE: I have never been a huge fan of Bowie's music though my wife is, but his ability as a businessman is indisputable - he died one of the richest rock stars ever (one of the first to become a billionaire).

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