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Winds of change in Lost Angeles? Local homo Council-thing Bonin admits he is mentally ill - says he will not run for reelection.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

02/06/2022, 21:55:13

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Bonin likely has read the writing on the wall - even though he has checked all of the boxes for a local 'Crat politician to succeed easily, he narrowly escaped a recall effort (in arch-liberal Venice of all places) which fell short by about 1000 signatures - most of which were likely excluded by corrupt local officials in order to help him, as also happened in the first recall effort against the odious, evil L.A. County DA, Gascon (also about to face a very well-funded recall effort). 

Even self-described liberals are incensed that the cacogen-deviate Bonin has sided solidly with homeless people against the community - flatly refusing to allow law enforcement to remove the tens of thousands of violent, evil, drug-addicted, vicious vagrants who have invaded Venice and surrounding areas and turned it into what has largely become a completely worthless shit hole (just like so many other 'Crat-dominated cities in L.A. County). 

Even properties in the famed Santa Monica Promenade (a short walk from the Santa Monica Pier) has a huge number of vacant businesses because so many have either gone out of business or moved due to the rampant, horrifying filth, crime and violence about which Bonin and his Marxist friends in government have done absolutely nothing. This despite years of supposedly trying (translation from Libberish  - "trying " channeling obscene amounts of government funds into corrupt cronies' companies under guise of "helping" a problem). 

Of course, ever the self-concerned narcissist (another box checked for being a successful 'Crat in L.A.) Bonin in his announcement that he will not run again, admitted that he has a severe problem with depression (cry me a river, rich-boy). In other words, he is severely impaired by emotional illness which has (in his own words) "...often taken over my life and made it impossible for me to function". 

So his excuse for refusing to use his massive power to help the hard-working citizens of his district by eliminating the disease of vagrants in their midst, will forever after be, "Oh, it wasn't my fault I betrayed all of the normal people, I was too sick". 

Disgusting. I hope the little faggot dies as do (I 'm sure) many OTHER people (including thousands of liberal homos) who live/worked in that area whose property values and businesses have utterly (permanently) disappeared. 

Another f*cking 'Crat parasite bites the dust! I hope he dies. 

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