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Rush said, "Leftists can't HELP themselves. They're like robots - malfunctioning robots that keep repeating the same errors."
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/20/2022, 06:34:32

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There is a scene from one of George Lucas's (Star Wars original creator's) first SF films, "THX-1138". A silver-faced robot programed to be a police officer/stormtrooper malfunctions in a hallway - it walks confidently straight into a wall, staggers back - regains balance with difficulty/rights itself, turns, adjusts its hat, swivels its hip/gun belt confidently like John Wayne, then walks straight into the opposite wall.

The 'Crats are like sleepwalkers or broken machines - unable to awaken to free-will or deviate from their malfunctioning programming.

Schumer committed several major political blunders in a single week. Among the worst, he forced several 'Crats up for reelection in contested districts to go on record voting for two very unpopular (radical) moves (ending the filibuster and changing voting laws). Now those votes may be used against them in their elections by their opponents (more-moderate democrat primary challengers or non-Democrats).

The GOP leadership actually sent a real gift-basket to Schumer's office with a card that said, "Thank you for your wonderful gift(s)".

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