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Epidemic of slaughter sweeping Los Angeles.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/18/2022, 13:51:51

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The lowlifes of southern Mexifornia have caught the trend and realized that nobody is going to stop their rampage. A graduate student in design was slaughtered with a knife in an unprovoked attack by a black lowlife (mentally disturbed vagrant) while she was working alone at a furniture store. The previous week, an ER nurse using public transportation was smashed in the face then died hours before the second woman was slaughtered.

Both were murdered by black vagrants. The one who murdered the nurse was caught sleeping a few hundred yards away from the murder scene. The second murderer is still on the loose, despite a $50 K reward.

The murder rate in L.A. went up 50% in one year and that doesn't count gang-related murders, which also went up (gang-related murders are counted separately).

Voters just don't get it. This is not going to get better under the 'Crats, it's GOING TO GET WORSE AND WORSE until voters decide they want REAL change (from leaders who are insane to leaders who are not).

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