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Inducing mass psychosis as political warfare (bumped from a post from Russ below).
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

01/18/2022, 11:35:27

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This is one of the more-informative videos I've seen on this topic. I was inspired to post this by Russ's fine Zerohedge post below about the same general thing (using mass psychology to manipulate people's attitudes toward government/ideology).
I thought I'd better bump it up for everyone's attention since the original post was not getting viewed (I probably put the wrong title to it for proper attention). 

See, CG Jung the great psychologist rarely ventured into politics - but having lived through two world wars which started in his own backyard (he was Swiss) he naturally needed to address the concept of how political/ideological movements enable/promote delusional thinking. Jung was from an era where psychologists universally discouraged/condemned delusional thinking. Today, many self-described "psychotherapists" enable/promote psychotic thinking for political reasons (many shrinks these days are Marxists who hate anyone who disagrees with them strongly about politics and see it as their duty not to help people self-actualize, but rather to "cure" people of opposition to Marxism). 

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