Got two minor ones of my own . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

12/21/2021, 14:33:27

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LFL --

Brief and low key:

1. I was filling my gas tank on the edge of a less desirable neighborhood when I noticed a black guy coming down the sidewalk. When he saw me, he changed direction and started coming toward me. I said, "That's far enough." He stopped, but said, "Give me some money, man." I said, "No way am I gonna give you any money." He flipped open his jacket to show me the knife on his belt. I flipped open my jacket to show him the gun on mine. He immediately headed back to the sidewalk, and said, "Be cool, man."

2. Sitting in stopped traffic in my Wife's car when a black guy came up alongside the car. I had seen him coming, so took the pistol out of the center console pocket. He stopped next to me and said, "Get outa the car." I showed him the pistol and said, "No." He quickly disappeared.

In neither case did I even point the gun at anybody -- just showed that I had it. That was enough.

Take care,

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