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"When firearms are used defensively to prevent violent crime, 50% of the time they are not even discharged". - John Lott (NRA)
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Posted by: LateForLunch

12/21/2021, 11:52:11

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Hoplophobes lie and lie and lie about firearms use in self-defense. They either say it doesn't happen as often as it does (experts believe it probably happens MORE than reported by a large percentage because those who defend themselves are carrying illegally) or that it "causes a large number of bystander injuries death". Both are "Bidens" (my new word for "a purposeful, deliberate, calculated lie").

Violent criminals are frequently (always) vicious cowards with no stomach for a fair fight. The second they see someone else with a firearm defending themselves they head for the hills (usually abandoning their accomplices as well).

Sadly none of the two-legged rats were made room temperature.

NOTE: Has anyone else noticed that the mouths of these criminal vermin are virtually always hanging open in the photos they post of them. People who teach communication/etiquette often point out that when one leaves one's mouth hanging open when not speaking, it makes one appear less-intelligent.
That is partially because the purpose of the human nose is to act as a filter - it's healthier to breathe through the nose and keep the mouth shut unless speaking, smiling in a friendly way or eating. People of low intellect either never knew or ignore this facet of human physiology.

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