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Mother of 14 YO female tells her to "go out and hit her" moments before she elbowed opponent in throat , knocking her to floor, inflicting brain concussion...I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/10/2021, 07:33:48

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Norwegians doing what they do best - acting like savages. The cacogenics is spreading - even the Chyron-caption under the video from the KCBS website misspelled basketball as "backetball". How you hit a "c" on a keyboard instead of an "s" I don't know. Too many drugs or not enough?

And of course, the 14 year-old girl who tried to kill her opponent by elbowing her in the throat is the daughter of a former NBA player. Of course. Many professional athletes are a half-step removed from being psychopaths. See, both hyper- competitive athletes and serial-killers tend to be very "goal-oriented" and to see those who stand between them and their aspirations as, "objects to be removed".

Cue: Nickolai Itchenko: " a piece of lint or a bottle-cap..."

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