Welcome to the Right Minds Forum! Right Minds is a relatively open forum. You can browse at your leisure, but you must register to be able to post messages. Before registering, you are encouraged to visit our "Purpose & Philosophy" page at the link below. It's a quick read and will help you to understand the forum. (Use your 'Back' button to return to this page.) When you register, please post a "Hello" message of some sort. If you do not, your registration will be deleted. Also, if your IP address is hidden, your registration will be deleted.

Using the Right Minds Forum

Step 1....Register. Select "Register" in the drop down menu and select a name and password. The other requested information is optional.?However, if you include your e-mail address, it will be a prefilled (but removeable) entry when you post or reply. If you select a name which has already been registered, you will receive an error message. Simply choose another name.

Step 2....Login. You must login prior to reading a message, posting a new message or replying to an existing message. You only have to log in once. Select?"Login" from the drop down menu and enter your name and password. You will be taken to a screen confirming your login with a link back to the forum.

Step 3....Post away!


1. When posting, your name will be prefilled and cannot be changed. This prevents anyone from assuming another person's name.

2. Your e-mail address is not a required entry. If you provided one when registering, it will be prefilled when you post but it can be removed.

3. Please do not double post. After posting a message, you will see a page thanking you and providing details of your post. That is confirmation that your post was received.

4. Use your browser "reload" or "refresh" button often to see the latest messages. After posting you may not see your message unless you refresh your screen.

5. The forum is organized by pages.?Page 1 will always contain the latest messages posted, and it is the page you see when you access the forum.?As older messages drop off page 1, they migrate to successive pages. ?Older messages can be accessed with the drop down box in the links section at the top of the message list.

6.?The forum message list can be searched by selecting 'search' in the "forum functions" drop down box.?You may elect to search just the message titles or also message text.?

7.?Select 'overview' and you will view the thread starting messages for all messages on all pages.

Chat Room

The Right Minds Chat Room is integral to the forum, so prior registration and log-in is required.?Your forum name and chat room name will always be the same and you will always know who's who.?Only the latest 50 messages will be displayed and messages drop off after a couple of hours.

If you agree to abide by the simple rules of the forum then please continue.

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