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Posted by: TonicTheBard

03/21/2024, 17:47:46

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So let me get this straight?
American Black people CAN'T get voter IDs (according to the White Libs), but Illegals and criminals CAN?
Me No Understand.. 8^)

Won't stem the Trump Tide, merely because he ISN'T Zombie Joe 8^)

Like in 2016, he WASN'T Hillary Clinton....

"If you fell afoul of the Clintons in Arkansas, you'd quickly find yourself doing 6 months at Tucker Farm; where you sweat all day in snake infested swamps, and Fashion Butt Plugs out of apple cores at night.." [Tucker Farm ALSO the Home of the Tucker Telephone. And Old Hand Crank job, used to shock the Junk of Prisoners. You could have a Local Call (one shock) or Long Distance.]

Hunter S Thompson, "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1992.."

Hunter was Not impressed with Big Bill, and could be Predictive,
"Guy has Shark's Eyes, the Smile don't reach them..."

"Mr Bill can't keep his Pecker in his Pocket, and it will be his downfall.." - Not YET, as it happens, But I have High Hopes for the Epstein Files.. 8^)

Hunter Predicted in 1987 that George Bush Sr would "Stay up to all hours with his ugly Cronies, trying to start a war with some hapless bunch of Towel Heads in the Middle East somewhere.. 8^)

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