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'Not a particularly good month for the 'Crats in general.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

03/05/2024, 01:18:39

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There seems to be a shifting tide globally against the sort of absurd nonsense in which anti-conservative-fanatic politicians deal.

Cognitive dissonance has kicked in with fewer and fewer willing to accept being told that their own eyes, ears and ability to perceive reality are WRONG, and one should instead believe what ACF politicians SAY is reality.

The use of Ockham's Razor is becoming more and more prevalent.

All of this is being revealed in patterns of rejection of political parties internationally pedaling leftist lunacy of all sorts.

I'd say Carville's and Axelrod's emphatic warnings about Xiden's age (they issued more than a year ago) are ringing fairly loudly in DNC upper echelons right about now.

There is an old saying in politics, not sure of the wording but something to the effect that the closer to an election a party gets, the more difficult to reverse negative opinions. IOW, the small and ever-shrinking number of "undecided" voters often doesn't change much in the last few months.

Voters often tend to be slow to anger and slow to forgive for making them angry in the first place.

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