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Someday soon this will come back to bite the liberals. I just hope it is a super-sized lawsuit when it happens.
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Posted by: Jenny ®

02/24/2024, 02:19:13

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It will end when a protective mother with my temperament goes after the perp who harms her child or some father settles it in a way where everyone gets the message.   

My daughter was an athlete and academic scholar who played basketball, soccer, volleyball and ran track.  She was an outstanding athlete and since she was a tuition student from another district, 2 coaches didn't like the fact she drew the attention of several colleges and universities distracting from the local talent whose parents carried clout in the community.  The school was too small to have boys/girls team in soccer so my daughter played co-ed soccer.  The soccer coach was paying a guy from the opposition to hurt my daughter.  The guy tried to earn his money but unfortunately for him, my daughter sent the guy to the hospital.  He didn't know my daughter spent her entire childhood playing with boys on the most elite travel teams and gymnastics and ballet taught her how to prevent injuries.   When I discovered what the coach had done, he ran from the stadium and from that day forward, I was referred to as the "White Tornado!" 

My daughter also excelled in basketball and this time I approached things differently.  I told the coach I had recordings, pictures, and witnesses and instead of beating her senseless, I would make sure I owned her rear for the rest of her rotten life.   The threat of a lawsuit set her straight.  My daughter ended up with a scholarship to play basketball at South Carolina.  

These young girls work hard at what they do and some wimpy boy who can't make the grade playing boys thinks he can dominate in a girls competition needs to be taught a lesson.  More people need to stand behind these girls and support them. 

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