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Scam email? What was my first clue? . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

12/12/2023, 10:33:26

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The fact that there were 13 more exactly like it.

I get a lot of email. That could be because my email address has been out there for 20+ years.

Today I got an email from BestBuy Geek Squad advising me that I had an invoice for $350 and all I had to do to look at it was sign in to a viewing site.

Well, I am normally a suspicious sort, but when I saw that there were 13 more exactly like it, I became even more so.

I use a program called MailWasher Pro which collects and categorizes my incoming mail and lets me dispose of them easily without the sender having the satisfaction of having reached my actual email address.

Some days it's pretty handy.


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