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Re: Imagine what will happen if he succeeds! A concrete example will have politicians the world over hiding under their beds. -- Robertb Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/27/2023, 00:17:29

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 Rush used to say that the issues which most strongly influence POTUS elections usually don't emerge until shortly before the election itself (not always but usually). I think that's been true - an axiom if you like. 

That being said, another axiom of politics already verified to a certainty is that low approval numbers going into elections are increasingly difficult to reverse relative to chronological proximity to election day. IOW, the closer election day gets, the harder low approval numbers are to reverse. 

All of this depends of course on accurate polling numbers - which the 2016 election of DJT revealed as largely bogus - so internal polling (as performed by the respective parties) would be the indicator most would follow (or only polls where respondents may remain anonymous). 

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