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A message from BartB's wife
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Posted by: Robertb

11/24/2023, 01:08:20

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I was chatting with dad's wife and how she and he came up during Thanksgiving dinner. BartB, my father, was an avid follower and poster on the forum, until he got sick and then passed away over a year ago.
We were giving thanks for those that could join us, and for the memories of those that no longer are here. It was especially significant, as my brother-in-law lost his father less than a week ago.
As part of the conversation, I mentioned how Lateforlunch posted recently how much he missed dad. Marsha (dad's wife) knows how dad valued the friends he made here. She was moved that others miss that cranky, opinionated, stuck-in-his-ways old man was missed by others also.
She wanted me to do two things.
First, to tell LateforLunch about that comment.
Second, to tell people here that "It would not be printable if Bart saw what was going on in the country now."

I was going to send this in a private message, but I don't think that is what she wanted. I think that she wanted it known that others, not just those that post here, see the situation fairly clearly.

God bless all and keep the faith.

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