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Something my old piano teacher once said about Christmas.
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Posted by: Ihavenoname

11/23/2023, 00:40:20

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Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted.

But anyways, ahead of the holidays, I've vaguely remembered a conversation I had with my piano teacher about Christmas during my childhood (approximately more than a decade ago). One time, he told me about how Christmas was supposed to be a time of gathering with your loved ones, not merely buying gifts. He then talks about how capitalism ruined Christmas: combining both has perpetuated people's buying habits. So, instead of celebrating Christmas as intended, many shop around and take advantage of discounts (not exactly what he said, but that's what I vaguely recalled). Hence, I see his interpretation as "item giveaway day."

His other frustration is that stores and advertisements abuse Christmas Eve to attract more customers to buy their goods. So, people will remember to start shopping first thing during holiday season. Furthermore, he claimed that most people "don't really understand the true meaning of Christmas." He isn't a Christian, but I think he mentioned that it was supposed to be about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. My knowledge of Christmas and Christianity are a ways off, so I can't offer my opinion on that.

Finally, my teacher offered an alternate take on what Christmas should be about (from what I can recall): celebrating life, doing good for others, and spending time with your family.

I'm not making any arguements for or against capitalism in regards to Christmas. I just happen to recall such discussion as we approach December. But I will surely remember that interesting conversation I had with him. No matter what you think, he does make an interesting point (whether you agree with him or not).

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day.

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