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Good post!! BTW, I LOVE hummus!!! Hamas, not so much...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/12/2023, 11:42:23

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Just kidding, bro. I'm a kidder, not a Spelling Nazi. All in good fun!! heh Spell-checkers can be treacherous.

Hummus (chickpea/garbanzo-bean paste) is very healthy and delicious if seasoned correctly.

I'm not so much a fan of the Islamonazi terrorist group Hamas. Although I admire the IDF's ability to also turn them into a paste.

BTW, here is a small story from my past involving the IDF. Years ago I had a female friend/coworker who told me she had an extra ticket to the Hollywood Bowl (a night of patriotic music for 4th of July). It had been awhile since I'd been to a concert there so I went. She had some other friends she brought with her which turned out to be two guys (a gay couple, which was no big deal 'cause even though I'm not, my friend is also gay). All are politically conservative, so we get along fine. I didn't know one of them was the head of security for El Al airlines until she introduced him!!

The concert was great (the Bowl in the summer is a great outing if you're in L.A. in warm months and like such things) the wine and vittles were good and the conversation was VERY interesting.

At a candid moment, the gentleman admitted that he had associates in Israeli government who revealed to him that several times in the course of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom wars (circa early 2000s), Israeli air force fighter-bombers had been on the tarmac with engines idling fully loaded with nuclear ordnance - ready to deliver in a few minutes if needed. The reason was usually gatherings of hostile ground forces near Israeli borders. When a nation is as small as Israel, any major invasion across their borders cannot be tolerated.

So if there had been any sign of major breach in border security allowing a large invasion force to advance, they would have released the bombers to annihilate them with tactical (low-yield) nukes.

The Israelis don't discuss or even admit that they possess atomic weapons but they do, and if any radical Islamist force ever thinks they can launch a large-scale invasion of Israel they will discover first-hand confirmation of that fact.

BTW, defensive use of nukes is permitted under international law. It is only aggressive, first-strike deployment of nukes that is proscribed under those laws.

Netanyahu fully understands the gravity of potentially using nukes, which is why he suspended a fairly high government officials for saying that use of nukes against Hamas was a possibility. That was a stupid, erroneous statement that should have been punished harshly - the only way they would ever use them was if they thought they had no other choice to avoid being overrun by hostile forces.

Hamas though relatively well-armed at this point, is still incapable of deploying WMD or massing a large enough conventional military force to require Israel to use nukes to defend themselves successfully from a country-wide invasion.

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