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Welcome (and a gift?)
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Posted by: Robertb

11/10/2023, 02:22:06

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I tend to read more than I post, but I read all.

My dad introduced me to this forum. He was an avid poster but passed a few years ago. Yet he raised me well and I feel at home here too.

Sadly, I am still a working stiff so have to be cautious on posts, lest my livelihood get destroyed for a misunderstanding.

And the best gift I ever received here was a sharing of the wisdom of others. Many times have I learned a new perspective or additional knowledge I lacked.

If you stay, you will learn there are many here that share their wisdom and are worthy of respect.

We mourn for our loss of those who have gone on to their eternal reward, but exalt that we will one day be reunited.

If you do not believe the same, you are still welcome. We are a group that desires discussion. We, in general, understand that all have a different opinion. Discussion on topics is what we enjoy.

As a thinking group, the discussion is more important than the outcome.

Myself personally, I am willing to have a conversation on a topic where you choose which side you are on and have me take the opposing side. Regardless of what I actually believe. Considering the arguments of the other side is how we learn.

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