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Ongoing political suicide by the left. Cacogens on display.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/24/2023, 01:23:46

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Wow. Just WOW!!! Just as Rush said many times...almost like they're following some script written by self-destructive idiots. 

James Carville must be very unhappy. heh 

That being said, the idiocy of the Republicans is no less disconcerting. My admiration for Gaetz has been tempered by the realization that there is something to be said for communicating effectively. Now that the process is a complete embarrassment, one wonders what Gaetz et al hoped to accomplish by burning down the temple, so to speak.

If it wasn't happening, I'd be inclined to believe the '24 election would be '72 redux. As it is now it looks like it will go down to the wire again - with vote tampering and procedural irregularities taking the forefront of all post-voting attention. 

What is so !~%@%$#!@ difficult about securing an election? Requiring valid ID would be a good start for cryin' out loud...

With Congress critters, whatever happened to the Rational Dialectic as the basic manner of discourse - especially between allies/friends? Don't they friggin' communicate between sessions??? 

I don't know why you say goodbye 
I say hello!!

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