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Arnie's reign simply proved that Mexifornia is largely ungovernable.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/08/2023, 13:40:06

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I mean, you have to consider that the constituents of this state actually voted DOWN a Republican-sponsored ballot initiative to LOWER state gasoline tax, which would have saved most drivers hundreds of dollars a month.

That is how dumb Mexifornia voters are. If they won't even vote themselves relief from onerous taxation when it is offered, it's clear that as a whole the voters are incapable of making good decisions.

Arnie proved that no matter how popular, ethical or motivated a governor may be, in a state where one party has a vise-like strangle-hold on the legislature, bureaucracy and courts, getting anything significant accomplished in any tangible sense is impossible.

Every time Arnold tried to move the state's policies in a better direction he was stymied brutally by a Legislature and entrenched political machinery which was almost entirely focused on stultifying/neutralizing his power.

See, the left has abandoned the rational dialectic in political discourse. It has been substituted with a Marxist dialectic in which everything discussed must conform to "correct thought" before being engaged. The emphasis in a genuine rational dialectic is to discuss reality truthfully, while the emphasis of Marxist dialectic is establishing leftist dicta as the starting point for all compromise.

Mexifornia will not change (nor will any other deathly blue state's policies) until there is a catastrophic failure which the voters acknowledge as being caused by establishment politicians they have preserved in power for a generation now.

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