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Robert Iger continues to manage decline of Disney - getting full ownership of Hulu (cost:$30 billion) so they can then sell off their streaming services
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/06/2023, 13:47:04

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Strangely enough Iger has apparently decided to divest company ownership of streaming platforms (Hulu, Disney Plus) and invest more in theme parks.

I don't know enough about business to comment, but this doesn't sound like a flourishing company - scrambling to consolidate holdings at great cost, in order to then sell them off immediately more-efficiently.

Maybe they should just sell off everything to the government so they can start something like Russian T.V. or the BBC - then eliminate all private mass media based on some future, contrived "national emergency".

Who will stop them?

Sorry, I have been reading William Gibson novels again and it darkens by view. He is overly optimistic about the chances that the free Peoples of the Earth will triumph over Oligarchic/Plutocratic Tyranny in the next century.

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