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The brief discussion of bringing back Gingrich was sort of puzzling. Yet it also brought in discussion of DJT stepping in.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/06/2023, 11:26:09

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Gingrich, for all of his flaws did have some skill in the House. But I think that was a different time with different dynamics.

U.S. government at the federal level is going to change a great deal in the near future - either for better or worse. So whatever is done politically in the near term is less important that supporting the greater efforts in the general election of '24.

I don't like the "vacate" process vote because it resembles European style "no confidence" votes which are part-in-parcel of coalition governments. I hate the latter with a passion. Having a system which creates or allows coalition governments would be the worst decision possible (self-castration).

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