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Anti-conservative fanatic pop-star Bruce Springsteen cancels entire '23 tour due to "ulcers" heh
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/28/2023, 02:05:52

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Springsteen just happened to develop the illness  after disappointing ticket sales were reported. My own feeling is that the ulcer is BS. Pop-stars like "The Boss" are notoriously reliable about their health so it's unlikely he would have committed to a tour if he had a chronic ulcer problem. More-likely he would have delayed starting the tour as opposed to cancelling at the last minute.

I believe that stomach ulcers are not generally serious unless they are chronic - so it makes no sense that he "suddenly developed an ulcer problem". Often in concert touring, when an artist announces last-minute "health problems" for cancelling, it's a cover for humiliatingly-low ticket sales. See, they tour for a percentage of the profits, so if ticket sales are down, it's not worth it to them to tour. 

Good. Couldn't happen to a more-deserving 'Crat. I hope all his ex-wifes' alimony payments put him on the street. 

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