Democrats in Congress will all wear clown-suits in solidarity with worker fired for doing the same.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/03/2023, 14:10:38

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In an effort to show what they called, "solidarity with the oppressed," both Democrat Senators and House Representatives will wear clown-suits from now on when Congress is in session.

Appearing before cameras in a bright orange clown suit at the capitol building, Majority Leader "Chuck-U" Schumer said, "We stand today...and EVERY day for the rights of patriotic Americans to exercise their First Amendment rights by being and wearing ANYthing they like, any TIME they like, anyWHERE they like (unless it's an American flag of any kind, a pro-military/law enforcement tee, or clothing with the term 'MAGA', which are all permanently banned-by-law)!! We will not however be wearing make-up. We will therefore be two-hundred sixty-nine somber-faced, deadly serious Democrat clowns-without-make-up!!!"

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