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Disney stock hits three-year low, as it goes to mat with Charter over high fees, while H-Wood gets immersed in a union-breaking drive by Studios.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

09/01/2023, 23:19:42

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Looks like Charter Communications (Spectrum) and Disney are not going to do business any time soon. Charter balked at what they called "exorbitant" fees to carry Disney cable programming and Disney cut their programming.

Disney stands to lose the most from a contract cancellation because it has no way to bring ESPN or other programming direct to streaming platforms and stands to lose billions in profits if they can't distribute through Comcast.

For me, it's a delight to have no more Disney programming. I haven't missed any of it at all. It's actually great to know that Comcast (a leftist-run company) is battering Disney by holding firm on refusing to be gouged. It's a carnival of mutual rape!!

This happens in a time when the T.V./Film studios are holding firm against an industry-wide strike about to go into its third month. Some analysts believe this is becoming a studio effort to break the unions/guilds because their members can't survive not working indefinitely. Studios hope the members will turn on their unions/guilds, handing the studios victory by default.

H-Wood is in turmoil and Disney in particular is demonstrating that its own problems are not confined to conflict with Florida.

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