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It looks to be the usual carnival of mutual rape that such things in 'Crat-dominated enclaves always degenerate into.
Re: Why are they hiding this? Same with Maui. Over 1,000 still missing, mostly children, but they are refusing to admit it. Probably because Hawaiian Electric used the money on climate change instead of cutting the grass! -- DeeDee Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

09/01/2023, 00:53:53

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'Crats are wired for finding and assigning blame not cause. See, when a Marxist has someone to blame, this diverts public attention away from any discussion of the actual CAUSE, which is always rooted in fecklessness, corruption, incompetence and stupidity generated by the 'Crat leaders and agents themselves.

So they toss each other under busses until one of them doesn't crawl out, then continue on as before.

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