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BTW, for those who don't know, Pacoima CA is a shirt-town.
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08/31/2023, 23:49:00

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If you go to Google-maps, choose any point inside the town draw a circle 1000 yards in radius, and send cadaver dogs a-hunting within that circle, you will turn up at least (2) buried murder victims on residential, commercial properties or vacant lots. They sell a LOT of concrete, thick plastic sheeting and lye for "remodeling" in that town.

I'm guessing in this case, the water was in a swimming pool. There are fairly big houses on that block which is a mixed residential/business district. Most all homes have some sort of pool on the property. There's what looks like a junkyard with stacks of old tires right along behind one side of the neighborhood. Charming area.

Old gangster money in that area. It's like visiting Mexico driving through there. Dirt driveways/alleys, chickens and naked kids running through yards, dilapidated structures, gang graffiti everywhere, vendors on every corner, trash/garbage all over the streets, cars with no wheels up on cinder blocks, un-watered yards/lawns, busted gates/fences, weeds packs of dogs running the streets, run-down horse stables and chicken coops, screen-less windows on homes.

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