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Profiles in brutal, leftist stupidity...Lahaina degenerates into looting/violence.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

08/15/2023, 22:42:35

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This voting district went for Xiden like 85-15%. So it's not really surprising that most of these people watched the fire approaching for long hours (days) but did not evacuate. Then, after the holocaust instead of pulling and praying together, they preyed UPON one-another. This by account of most, simply because the incompetent (hard leftist) public officials/law enforcement could not/would not protect the community from looting, permit safe transport in the burn zone, or get emergency supplies to them quickly.

Perfect example of how leftists operate when they are comfortably in charge - incompetently at best, counter-productively at worst. And all will be reelected - especially the mayor who took all of two minutes after the announcement of the disaster, to blame "global warming and Republicans" for it.

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