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Here is an example of what technology exploring other dimensions might accidentally do...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

07/30/2023, 22:28:16

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...because we did not understand the dynamics of other dimensions fully enough to prevent disaster.

The sun is actually a giant balloon. The surface of that balloon is held in place by gravity. Occasionally forces inside and surrounding the sun cause eruptions outside the shell, which does not (to our knowledge) destabilize the surface generally, just at the breach-point of the sun's gravimetric/magnetic fields, which then quickly stabilize and return to normal. 

Still, the enclosing shell is relatively speaking, a very thin material which holds all of that Hell in place - because theorists tell us that if the average surface-gravity around the sun were reduced or weakened only 0.01% the star would detonate in a supernova. 

There is a scientifically unexplained excess of observed super-novae in the universe. Sagan believed some or even most of the excess might well be attributable to cultures messing around with advanced (high-powered) technology, such as  something like say gravity-waves. 

The universe does not behave the same in different conditions - at the quantum level, gravity virtually does not exist. At the larger symmetries (cosmic scale) the strong and weak atomic forces are virtually non-existent because gravity dominates. But the point is; local conditions govern what we expect from physics. 

For example, in our universe when any sort of vibration travels across a wide expanse (say a ripple across a pond by a tossed stone) the wave's energy drops in proportion to distance traveled, frequency and amplitude. The further the wave travels, the less intense it is at a measured point along the trajectory. IOW, the wave gets weaker the further away it radiates from the trigger-point. 

But imagine that in a strange dimension, the wave from a pebble tossed into the fabric of space propagates in amplitude, frequency as it travels, so the further from the trigger point, the more powerful the wave. What appears to be a low-energy experiment in resonating a gravity wave artificially might generate a tsunami wave as it passes by the sun, destabilizing a wide-enough swath to reduce gravity by more than 0.01% triggering a detonation. 

Since we don't understand the quantum form of gravity  - IOW we know it travels in a wave across space, but not how it looks or behaves at the smallest symmetries. Gravity might be a force that can increase in power as it travels under some conditions.
Tossing a small amount of energy might set up an avalanche or resonation effect that is unpredictable and uncontrollable. It would be tossing a marble down a hill and watching it become the size of a moon before it stopped rolling. Strange but entirely possible until we understand the quantum nature of gravity waves and how they propagate, resonate and travel over distance/time. 

For an example of how something using novel technology can trigger run-away effects, see YouTube on sonoluminescence. 

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